Manufacturer’s Representative, Distributors and Suppliers of Sensors, Instrumentation Equipment and Control Systems for Automation and Material Handling.
Driving Innovation through Technology    
Manufacturer's Represented:

Pinhole Detection System for metal strip and foil, Surface Defect Inspection System for metal strip and foil, Weld Hole Detector, Sway Measurement Sensor and Coil Detection System for Overhead Cranes, Radar Collison Avoidance System
Gauss Magneti Magnetic equipment for material handling and recycling technology
Gauss Magneti -
Lifting Magnets: Circular, Rectangular, Bi-Polar, Plate Handling, Billet Handling, Coil Handling, Hot Work, Scrap Handling, Electro-Permanent, Permanent, and Battery Operated
Magnetic Separation Equipment: Belt Separators, Plate Separators, Magnetic Drums, Magnetic Pulleys, Eddy Current Separators, Magnetic Rollers, and Magnetic Filters

Kübler Group -
Incremental, singleturn and multiturn absolute encoders, hollow shaft encoders, bearingless encoders, motor feedback systems, linear measuring systems, inclinometers. Slip rings for transmission of electrical currents, signals, data, fieldbus, and Ethernet as well as liquids and gases.


Non-Contact Laser Measurement Systems for the Metals and Material Handling Industry, Infrared Cameras, Tube and Pipe Internal Profile Measurement System.

Moduloc Control Systems Ltd - www,
Hot Metal Detectors, Looper Scanners, Cold Metal Detectors, Laser Distance Sensors, Barrier Lasers, Molten Metal Level Sensors, Laser Strip Thickness Gauges, Strip Width Gauges, Mill Duty Photo Switches, Weld Hole Detector, Long Range Inductive Proximity Sensors, Industrial Metal Detectors.

Palmer Wahl Instruments

Palmer Wahl Instruments, Inc. -
Digi-Stem® RTD & Thermocouple Process Thermometers, Heat Spy® Fixed Infrared Sensors, RTD & Thermocouple Sensor Assemblies, Heat Spy® Handheld Infrared Pyrometers & Thermometers, Temp-Plate® Temperature Sensitive Labels, Circular Temperature Chart Recorders, Digi-Stem® Advanced Digital Process Pressure Gauge, Circular Pressure & Differential Pressure Chart Recorders. Digital Process Pressure Gauge, Circular Pressure and Differential Pressure Chart Recorders

Proton Products Proton Products, Inc. -
Leading manufacturer of instrumentation and control equipment for use in industrial production. Laser Doppler Speed and Length Measurement Gauge, Laser Diameter Measurement Gauge, and CCD Diameter Measurement Gauge..
SIBRE BRAKES - Sure to be Safe SIBRE Siegerland Brakes USA -
Manufacturer of High Quality Service Brakes, Disc Brakes, Caliper Brakes, Drum Brakes, Thruster Brakes, Storm Brakes, Shoe Brakes, Safety Brakes, Hydraulic Brakes, Brake Drums, Couplings, Drum Couplings, Crane Wheels, Sheaves and Crane Buffers.
Weintek Labs - HMI intelligent displays Weintek Labs, Inc. -
HMI intelligent displays for industrial & commercial applications, from 4.3" to 15.6" screen size plus headless; data acquisition, processing and communication systems; communication with over 400 standard protocols, Weincloud cloud service, Dashboard monitoring, Easy Builder and Easy Access Software.
Wenglor Sensoric Wenglor Sensoric LLC -
Manufacturer of Smart Laser Sensors and Image Processing Systems. 2D/3D Laser Sensors, 2D/3D Laser Profile Sensor, Laser Distance Sensors, Photolectronic Sensors, Inductive Sensors, Smart Cameras, Ultrasonic Sensors, and Fluid Sensors.

bRobox Paltz Palletizer  Paltz Palletizer -
The simplest, most easy to use palletizing solution on the market. No programming, No calibration. Automatic pallet pattern generator. 5 simple steps to get started! AMR ready.
 Contrinex Contrinex -
Inductive Sensors: long range, miniature, washdown, high temperature, maritime, extreme environment, weld-immune, analog, and Smart Inductive Sensors with IO-Link.
Photoelectric Sensors: cylindrical, transparent object, distance, Smart Photoelectric with IO-Link. RFID Sensors & Tags, extreme, high temperature washdon and IO-Link. Machine Safety Light Curtains.
Doosan Roboitcs  Doosan Robotics -
Collaborative robots from Doosan Robotics can be applied to various production processes, from simple to precision tasks, and provide optimized solutions for assembly, machine tending, packaging & palletizing, pick ‘n place, welding, and a variety of other applications.
Fortress Safety Interlocks Fortress Safety -
Tailored safety solutions from the specialists in automation safety and interlocking. Trapped Key Interlock Safety Systems. Customized safety equipment, protecting people working in hazardous workplaces. Safety interlocks to control access into potentially hazardous areas, ensuring the area is safe before the employee can enter and keeping the employee safe while a task such as essential maintenance is being carried out.
Mencom  Mencom Corporation -
Industrial Circular Connectors, ILME rectangular connectors, Industrial Networking, Junction Blocks, Panel Interface Connectors, Solenoid Valve Connectors, Cable Assemblies, Cable Glands. 
Onrobot  OnRobot -
Cutting edge gripping and sensing solutions for Collaborative Robots. Finger Grippers, Vacuum Grippers, Magnetic Grippers, Gecko Gripper, Quick Tool Changer, Sander, Screwdriver, Vision, Force/Torque Sensor, D:PLOY software for Palletizing/Packaging/Transferring/Machine Tending/Assembly. 
Paletti USA  Paletti USA -
Specializing in aluminum extrusion building solutions for easy reconfiguration and machine efficiency. T-Slot extrusion framing profiles for laser enclosures, conveyors, linear actuators, fencing & guarding. 
RFID Inc.  RFID, Inc. -
Engineering firm specializing in RFID, and the manufacturer of RFID Readers and Tags and Hardware, various RFID tags including Key Fobs, ISO Cards, Animal Tags, Pallet Tags, Container Tags.  
Smart Vision Lights  Smart Vision Lights -
Smart Vision Lights is the leading designer and manufacturer of LED lighting solutions for any type of machine vision or automation camera application. Linear lights, washdown lights, UV & IR lights. 
Translas  Translas Welding Technology -
Source capture welding fume extraction solutions for MIG, TIG, Cobot & Robotic Welding. Reduces exposure to hazardous fumes and provides a healthier and safer work environment. Engineered with a passion for innovation, quality, functionality and new technologies. Designed by welders, for welders.  
Rotalec USA -  Manufacturer’s Representative, Distributors and Suppliers of Sensors, Instrumentation Equipment and Control Systems for Automation and Material Handling. Rotalec USA, Inc. -
Manufacturer, System Integrator and Supplier of Systems for Automation and Safety, Collision Avoidance Systems using laser or radar technology, Strip Width Gauges for Hot or Cold applications, Custom Control Systems, and Custom HMI Systems.
Rotalec USA, Inc. - Main Office
Minneapolis, MN 55344
Phone: 952-238-8453
A Rotalec Group Company Rotalec USA, Inc. - Pittsburgh Office
Rick Ochendowski - Technical Sales Rep.
Mobile Phone: 412-912-6968

Products That We Handle:

2D/3D Laser Sensors – Wenglor
2D/3D Laser Profile Sensors – Wenglor
Absolute Encoders - Kübler Group
Automation safety - Fortress
ATEX/Explosion Proof Safety Interlocks - Fortress
Automation Systems - Rotalec USA
Battery Operated Magnets - Gauss Magneti
Barrier Lasers- Moduloc Control Systems
Bearingless Encoders - Kübler Group
Belt Separators - Gauss Magneti
Billet Handling Magnets - Gauss Magneti
Bi-Polar Magnets - Gauss Magneti
Brakes - SIBRE
Brake Drums - SIBRE
Caliper Brakes - SIBRE
CCD Diameter Measurement Gauge - Proton Products
Circular Magnets - Gauss Magneti
Coil Detection System - ARCK Sensor
Coil Handling Magnets - Gauss Magneti
Cold Metal Detectors - Moduloc Control Systems
Cold Mill Thickness Gauges - Rotalec USA
Cold Mill Width Gauges - Rotalec USA
Collison Avoidance Systems - Rotalec USA
Control Systems - Rotalec USA
Couplings - SIBRE
Crane Collision Avoidance Systems - Rotalec USA
Crane Brakes - SIBRE
Crane Buffers - SIBRE
Crane Wheels - SIBRE
Customized Safety Equipment - Fortress
Data Aquistion - Weintek
Diameter Measurement Sensor - Proton Products
Disc Brakes - SIBRE
Drum Brakes - SIBRE
Drum Brakes per AISE 11 standard - SIBRE
Drum Couplings - SIBRE
Eddy Current Separators - Gauss Magneti
Electro-Permanent Magnets - Gauss Magneti
Encoders - Kübler Group
Fluid Sensors - Wenglor
Gate Safety Interlocks - Fortress
HazLoc Safety Interlocks – Fortress
HMI Displays - Weintek
HMI Systems, Custom - Rotalec USA
Hoist Drum Safety Brakes - SIBRE
Hollow Shaft Encoders - Kübler Group
Hot Metal Detectors - Moduloc Control Systems
Hot Work Magnets - Gauss Magneti
Hydraulic Brakes - SIBRE
HSM Width Gauges - Rotalec USA
Image Processing Systems – Wenglor
Inclinometers - Kübler Group
Incremental Encoders - Kübler Group
Inductive Sensors - Wenglor
Industrial Metal Detectors - Moduloc Control Systems
Infrared Cameras - LOKE KEMPF
Laser Collison Avoidance - Rotalec USA
Laser Diameter Measurement Sensor - Proton Products
Laser Distance Sensors - Moduloc Control Systems
Laser Distance Sensors - Wenglor
Laser Doppler Length Measurement Gauge - Proton Products
Laser Doppler Speed Measurement Gauge - Proton Products
Laser Measurement Systems - LOKE KEMPF
Laser Measurement Systems - Moduloc Control Systems
Laser Strip Thickness Gauges - Moduloc Control Systems
Laser Strip Width Gauges - Moduloc Control Systems

Length Measurement Gauge - Proton Products
Lifting Magnets - Gauss Magneti
Linear Measuring Systems - Kübler Group
Long Range Inductive Proximity Sensors - Moduloc Control Systems
Looper Scanners - Moduloc Control Systems
Magnetic Belt Separators - Gauss Magneti
Magnetic Drums - Gauss Magneti
Magnetic Pulleys - Gauss Magneti
Magnetic Filters - Gauss Magneti
Magnetic Rollers - Gauss Magneti
Magnetic Separation Equipment - Gauss Magneti
Magnets - Gauss Magneti
Manufacturer, System Integrator - Rotalec USA
Metal Detectors- Moduloc Control Systems
Mill Duty Photo Switches - Moduloc Control Systems
Mill Motor Brakes - SIBRE
Molten Metal Level Sensors - Moduloc Control Systems
Motor Brakes – SIBRE
Multiturn Absolute Encoders - Kübler Group
Networked Safety Interlocks - Fortress
Non-Contact Optical IR Sensors - Moduloc Control Systems
Pathfinder Hot Metal Detector - Moduloc Control Systems
Permanent Magnets - Gauss Magneti
Photolectronic Sensors - Wenglor
Photo Switches - Moduloc Control Systems
Photo Switches – Wenglor
Pinhole Detection System - ARCK Sensor
Pipe Diameter Measurement Gauge - Proton Products
Pipe Internal Profile Measurement System - LOKE KEMPF
Plate Handling Magnets - Gauss Magneti
Plate Separators - Gauss Magneti
Radar Collison Avoidance System - ARCK Sensor
Radar Collison Avoidance - Rotalec USA
Rectangular Magnets - Gauss Magneti
RFID Badge Access - Fortress
Safety Brakes - SIBRE
Safety Control Access - Fortress
Service Brakes – SIBRE
Servo Motor Feedback Systems - Kübler Group
Safety Interlocks - Fortress
Scanning Hot Metal Detectors - Moduloc Control Systems
Scrap Handling Magnets - Gauss Magneti
Sheaves - SIBRE
Shoe Brakes - SIBRE
Singleturn Absolute Encoders - Kübler Group
Slip Rings - Kübler Group
Smart Cameras - Wenglor
Smart Laser Sensors - Wenglor
Speed Measurement Gauge - Proton Products
Storm Brakes - SIBRE
Strip Thickness Gauges - Rotalec USA
Strip Width Gauges - Rotalec USA
Strip Thickness Gauges - Rotalec USA
Surface Inspection System - ARCK Sensor
Sway Measurement Sensor - ARCK Sensor
System Integration - Rotalec USA
Thruster Brakes - SIBRE
Trapped Key Interlock - Fortress
Tube Diameter Measurement Gauge - Proton Products
Tube Internal Profile Measurement System - LOKE KEMPF
Ultrasonic Sensors - Wenglor
Velocity Measurement Gauge - Proton Products
Velocimeter Gauge - Proton Products
Weld Hole Detector - Moduloc Control Systems
Weld Hole Detector - ARCK Sensor
Width Gauges - Rotalec USA


Download a PDF Copy of the Rotalec USA - Pittsburg Office Here.

Download a PDF copy of the Rotalec USA - Pittsburgh Office


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